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What are some areas naturopathy can support?

Gut Health


Children's Health

Gut health is key to overall health - symptoms that your Gut may need some love include bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence and pain as well as skin conditions, compromised immune system and low mood or anxiety.

In today's modern society fatigue is becoming a bigger issue and the root cause of the fatigue is not always clear. Understanding what is happening for your body and nourishing it correctly is key.

Children are more than just little adults - they have their own uniqueness and challenges when it comes to the health and emotions. Common areas include gut health, immune health, skin conditions, anxiety and food intolerances.

Women's Health

Womens health is a multi-faceted area - hormones are far more important that just giving women the opportunity to conceive - and include more that just reproduction hormones. Regulating periods, supporting PCOS or endometriosis as well as menopause as important as is supporting adrenal and thyroid health.


Fertility & Preconception Care

Never underestimate what stress can do to the body - it can be so powerful and so disruptive and can have strong consequences to our health. From digestive health, anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia and infertility the affects can be far reaching. Having the right guidance to support you body, mind and soul is essential.

Creating a new life can be quite a journey for some of us and the right care and support needs to be given and adopted by both partners in this process. Whether your journey is natural or supported conception there is much that can be done to nourish you and prepare for baby during this time.

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My Services

Initial Consultations

1 hour: An initial consultation is for all new clients & past clients who I have not seen for 18 months +

Follow Up Consultations

45 mins to 1 hr:

A follow up consultation is for all current clients

Acute Consultations

30 mins: An acute consultation is the support of an acute flare up (cold, flu, etc) for current clients


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