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Hi there – my name is Rachel Aldridge – a fully qualified Naturopath based in Sydney’s North West. I currently hold an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and I am a member of the National Herbalists Association Australia.


I love people – I love being around people and helping people heal and grow. I also love natural therapies (obviously) and experienced first hand many years ago the healing power of nature when conventional medicine wasn’t working – it wasn’t for anything life threatening thank goodness but the digestive issues and anxiety I had impacted my life and to have them under control was a life saver to me!!


It was my personal experiences that really fuelled my dream to become a Naturopath – and I embarked on this journey to become a Naturopath and doing what it is I love.


I come from a corporate background that involved long hours, lots of travel and high levels of stress. I did both my undergraduate and masters at University in business and marketing. I know what its like to try and balance everything, as a Mum to two little men - very active 5 and 3 year olds, I understand that life is not always easy. This however doesn’t mean that its ok to be sick or not to be as well as we can be.


It is amazing how many people don’t remember what its like to be well – to have energy, to be motivated – or even to be able to go to the toilet each day!!


As a Naturopath I work with people to support and educate them in their journey to health and wellness. There is no magic pill – the body is a wonderful and complex system that desires to function well – unfortunately with the stresses of life, bad lifestyle choices and genetic and heredity diseases we often need support to bring this balance back. In order to support this I utilise many tools including Herbal Medicine, subtle Food and Lifestyle changes, Supplements when required, Bach & Australian Bush Flowers and Homoeopathic remedies to just name a few.


I look forward to working with you on your own journey to wellness!



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