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Education is key


There is so much information available for us to draw on to educate ourselves on things we can do to help us lead healthier and happier lives - but let's be honest, sometimes we just want some bullet points or a summary no longer than 2 pages long!


I have put together some small handouts on different topics - feel free to download these and have a read through.

IMPORTANT: Please remember this is just general advice - if you have health problems, recent surgeries, pregnant or breastfeeding then its essential you contact your health professional (or make an appointment with me) for advice tailored just for you!

Cleansing & detoxification


The word "detox" is one of my pet hates - it is something our bodies do naturally each moment of the day.


What I DO like is the idea of reducing our toxic load and nourishing our body.

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Foods to enjoy in a cleanse

Following on from my theme above on how to approach doing a cleanse what we put INTO our bodies is key - here is a little list of foods to ENJOY (yes - enjoy, no deprivation here!) during a cleanse.

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Gut health = good health

So much about good health and wellness comes down to a well functioning gut. With 90% of serotonin made in our gut (think moods) and 70% of our immune system being here it is essential its working well!

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Copper toxicity

This is something I see a lot in clinic that has a large influence on mental health, presenting with things such as anxiety, depression, irritability, unable to cope with stress, ADHD, addictions as well as other mental health issues.

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