What is Naturopathy?

As a Naturopath I work with you to find the underlying cause of your imbalance or illness instead of just treating the symptoms you are currently experiencing. A really simple example of this is if you have a headache, instead of working on blocking the pain you are experiencing (which is what people often do) we work together to determine what is causing the headaches and what we can do to stop or reduce this from happening. 


The body is a complex system - it is not just the physical body but also our mind and spirit as well that determines health and happiness. To restore balance I can draw on a variety of tools including herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle modifications, supplements, bach flowers, homeopathic remedies - the list truly goes on! 


I work with the individual to develop a treatment plan that is tailored for your needs and requirements - there is not one rigid way of approaching something.


I also believe in an integrated approach (or as a like to call it sometimes a 'cheer squad') when it comes to optimal health - this may include referrals to other health practitioners as well as working with your doctor if the need is there. 


It really is all about you!

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