A program designed to nourish your adrenals, improve energy and get your mojo back!

Are you feeling  so tired right now it hurts?

Nothing you seem to do makes a difference - more coffee or more sleep, nothing works, you still feel just as tired as you did before.

Life is busy and pretty stressful, whether its family or work. But to be honest, you're used to handling all of this, but nowadays it all seems too much.


You've been to your doctor and they have said all your test results are “normal" that there is nothing wrong with you ... but you know things just aren't right, you can't feel like this and be well. And you can't KEEP feeling like this.


Wellness, happiness and balance is something that is top of mind - you know food and lifestyle changes are going to help but you are so tired you have no idea (or motivation to look). 


Feeling human again ...

Having energy to do things you want and need to do without the brain fog while feeling happier and more vibrant!


What about not just making it through each day but feeling like your mojo is back and you're thriving!

I've been where you are, and I want to help you!


The NOURISH MY MOJO program takes you through how to bring back the joy in your life through good nutrition, lifestyle guidance, testing to consider and tools such as herbal medicine and nutritional supplements if required.


The program is simple, straight to the point (because let’s be honest, when we are TiredAF the last thing we need is too many words) and delivered via 5 emails over 10 days. Quick, low cost and actionable steps to turn things around at to start feeling that little bit human!!

Email 1

  • Signs that your mojo needs some support

  • Some of the common factors that lead to these symptoms

  • What testing to consider

  • Functional tests

  • Food as Medicine

  • Foods for energy

  • When to eat and what to avoid (alcohol, sugar, etc)

  • 5 breakfast recipes to inspire you

Email 2

  • Chronic stress and the effects on the body - what is happening with your adrenals and your hormones

  • Stress management techniques

  • The importance of sleep and how to improve it

  • Yoga for Fatigue 1: A 10 minute yoga flow created especially for this program

  • 5 lunch recipes to inspire you

Email 3

  • Gut health and its impact on your mojo

  • Move to make a difference

  • Hydration and why something so simple is key

  • Nutrients for energy

  • 5 dinner recipes to inspire you

Email 4

  • Herbal medicine that I love for supporting your mojo

  • Herbal teas for energy

  • Superfoods for energy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Libido - the ultimate missing mojo and how to address it

  • Yoga for Fatigue 2: A 10 minute yoga flow created especially for this program

  • 5 drink recipes to inspire you

Email 5 

  • Long term mojo means self care!

  • Mind body techniques to support you

  • How time in nature lifts your mojo

  • Smart snacking

  • 5 snack recipes to inspire you

With each email you will receive 5 recipes designed to increase your energy and nourish your hormones

PLUS 2 yoga videos developed just for this program to further bring back your Mojo!

All of this for only $27.95 delivered straight to your inbox over 10 days


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