5 simple things to do when you're stressed

Stress is something we all need to deal with in different amounts during the day – and sometimes it can all be a little too much to handle! While the idea of sitting in meditation somewhere with a river flowing or birds chirping sounds good it is far from an achievable reality for most of us! I believe it is having a few little things in your little bag of tricks that you can use at a drop of a hat to help you deal with the present situation that can really make a difference.

Five simple things you can do:

1. Breathe – yes, nothing worse than someone telling you to relax or breathe when you are really stressed, but a few deep breaths help to regulate your heartbeat, relax muscle tension and to calm you down.

2. Grass between your toes – removing yourself from the current situation by stepping outside can work wonders. A study conducted by Stanford researchers has shown walk in nature can decrease the risk of depression but if that isn’t possible then a quick walk out of the office or the house (even with the kids along for the ride) is great. One thing that works for me is to take my shoes off and actually stand on some grass – that connection with a little bit of mother earth can be really grounding.

3. Have a cuppa – whilst a nice chamomile tea might be the best way to go if you’re really stressed even making a good English breakfast tea will help. Why? Well you’re taking some time out for yourself and if you really focus on the process of making a cup of tea it can be a small meditation on its own. Use the time as some quite time for yourself, not as an excuse to have a quick look at social media or clean the kitchen!

4. Tap away – I was only introduced to the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) last year when I was a little (lot) stressed about something and I was surprised how quickly it worked to bring things into perspective and to calm myself down. EFT uses acupressure points based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture and is a wonderful tool to help manage stress and anxiety.

5. Flowers to the rescue – I love Bach Flowers and always have a little bottle of Rescue Remedy close by just in case! Just add a few drops to your water or put four drops straight into your mouth as needed.

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