Turmeric latte gummies

I love experimenting in the kitchen with different ingredients and love it even more when it works! After one failed experiment with gummies (they were truly awful!) I had an idea to combine my love of the turmeric latte with my love of gut healing ingredients like gelatin – and these little guys are what came out of it!

Gelatin is great for our digestive health since it improves gut integrity - it restores our mucosal lining and by enhances digestion through promoting gastric acid secretion. Gelatin is a protein that comes from bones, connective tissues and hides of animals – which means it’s really important that when you buy your gelatin to make sure it comes from a quality source (you want healthy grass fed cows to be where its coming from!). One brand I love and that I personally use is Great Lakes Gelatin.

As well as supporting digestive health there are lots of other benefits to having gelatin in your diet including joint, skin, hair and nail health to just name a few.

Another reason I love this recipe is not only does it have gut healing gelatin as the star ingredient it also includes turmeric, which as we know is a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory – so again great for decreasing any inflammation in the gut and supporting your overall immune system. Whilst the amount in these gummies is small I like to look at ways we can add foods like this into our diet wherever we can.

Now, for my recipe – have a play at let me know what you think!


2 Tablespoons gelatin powder (I used Great Lakes Gelatin)

1/3 cup cold filtered water

1 cup almond milk (you can use milk of your choice – coconut would be nice as well)

½ tablespoon of honey (you can use your sweetener of choice)

1 teaspoon of mixed spices (I used the Gingerbread spice from Gewurzhaus – otherwise you can just substitute with cinnamon and a tiny bit of ginger)

½ teaspoon natural vanilla extract

¼ teaspoon of turmeric (you can add a little more if you like)


In a small bowl place the gelatin powder with the water and mix. Set this aside for 5 minutes while the gelatin “blooms” (here the gelatin absorbs the water, expands and becomes quite rubbery).

In a small saucepan on the stove warm until almost boiling the almond milk and then add the honey, spices, turmeric and vanilla extract. Once these have been mixed well add the bloomed gelatin (you might like to break or cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier to combine) and mix until it has dissolved.

Pour into moulds of your choice (you can get lots of cute shapes to make it a little fun for kiddies) or you can also use a small glass or plastic container. Place into the fridge for about an hour to set and if you are using a larger container cut the gummies into small squares and place into an airtight container and back into the fridge. I find it keeps for about a week in the fridge.


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