Wellness Tips - Week 4

And so just like that January is over!


We get bombarded in social media with things we SHOULD be doing, a lot of them confusing, or conflicting, and should not be given as broad health advice. These tips are basic in nature to try and appeal to every one. Please remember for the best health advice its ideal to sit down with a qualified health professional.

Rach xx.

Wellness Tip #22

When I think of prebiotics I like to think of feeding our good bacteria & probiotics about being new guys into our microflora army (I have an active imagination).

Once again we see how food is medicine - eating our vegetables really does burnt with it a whole wealth of benefits above the obvious nutrients!

Wellness Tip #23

Herbal medicine (one of my true loves) is often not given enough respect to what it can do. I love including herbal teas as part of my treatment protocol with my clients as I believe they are nourishing as well as therapeutically beneficial.

We have so many beautiful herbs to choose from a chamomile, lavender, fennel, sage, liquorice, lemon balm, rose hips, calendula .... I could go on for hours!!

Remember just because something is natural doesn't mean it's for you so when experimenting with some different herbs it's always best to talk to your naturopath or herbal medicine practitioner.

Wellness Tip #24

Ironic really given the fact that I am giving you wellness tips each day this month but I often see it (& have experienced) a kind of 'wellness burnout' or just being so overwhelmed by everything we are 'meant' to be doing that it gets too much and we go back to our old ways of not doing much to look after ourselves.

Why not write down a list of things you would like to do but just start doing ONE or maybe two of them to begin - give it a week and add to what you're doing.

What do you think???

Wellness Tip #25

I love plants, I love being around them and love bringing them inside - between my two fur children and my two two-legged ones I don't have as many as I would like, so enjoying having them in my clinic at the moment.

There are many health benefits of indoor plants but I just love how they make me FEEL.

Now, not to kill the ones I have ....... ;)

Wellness Tip #26

I love incorporating flower essences into my treatment protocols - whether including them into the herbal mixture or making separate bottles just with these in them designed individually for each client.

They are gentle and safe and work wonders even with lets and children. Bach Flower Remedies have the premise 'Rescue Remedy' - can't tell you how many bottles I have personally used of these - and Australian Bush Flower Remedies have mixes such as Travel and Calm & Clear.

The image used here is from the plant Tall Mulla Mulla which is an Australian Bush Flower essence used for encouraging social interaction and feeling secure around people.

Wellness Tip #27

Our sense of smell is a powerful tool - smells can bring back memories, make us calmer and help with concentration.

Invest in real essential oils - the cheap man-made ones have no actual therapeutic effect (& give me massive headaches!).

I also like the ritual of setting up my oil burners (usually making a tea at the same time).

Essential oils can be dangerous - I'm not a qualified aromatherapist and I caution people when using oils externally as they can still be absorbed. If you're looking into using oils more than in an oil burner or diffuser it's best to speak to those fully qualified in this area.

Wellness Tip #28

What kind of naturopath would I be if I didn't mention bone broth??

Seriously though it is the perfect example of 'food as medicine' and it really isn't hard to make (& there are lots to buy nowadays ready made if you can't be bothered).

It doesn't need to just be beef and it's good to mix it up not only for flavour but also for the different healing benefits of the various bones and animals. And you don't need to drink it 'straight up' either - I love mixing some miso in mine, using it in cooking or popping some in a smoothie (you can't taste it).

I encourage you to experiment with this liquid gold!!

Wellness Tip #29

I'm pretty sure we are all guilty of doing this - it can become a really unhealthy habit, leading to increased stress, anxiety, depression and just plain unhappiness.

Another thing to be mindful of is when we say these things out loud around other people - especially young forming minds. We all love our children but imagine if what we say about ourselves makes them doubt how awesome they are?! Will they start saying they are fat or ugly or stupid??

Words are powerful - use them for good instead of evil!

Wellness Tip #30

I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade but we need to be more aware of clever marketing around foods, especially when it comes to treats.

I love a treat - I love a raw treat - but they are still treats.

Sugar comes in many names but it is still sugar and too much isn't good for you at all!

Obviously when picking treats there are ones that have more benefits than others - good fats, etc - so when choosing that's the way to go.

Also watch portion sizes - some treats are HUGE!!

And finally, ENJOY your treat and remember food isn't evil

Wellness Tip #31

I had to put coffee in here somewhere - and where better than my last wellness tip!

I'm not making these possible benefits up - there is research on human studies that show benefits of coffee in these ways.

However - it doesn't mean you can go crazy on the coffee! A few things to keep in mind:

1. Enjoy in moderation - 1 or 2 cups max a day - you don't want to get too stimulated and then have the knock on effect of extra stress on your body

2. Enjoy REAL coffee - not the crap in a tin that has been processed to death

3. If you can grind your own beans - means your coffee is fresher (coffee snob here)

4. Don't have it too late in the day as you may find it kicks in when it's time to go to bed

5. Listen to your body - if it stimulates you too much, gives you diarrhoea, the shakes, etc then maybe it's not for you (or you've got some other things going on)


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