The power of words

I have been pondering this a little bit lately ... the power of what we say and the impact it can have on ourselves as well as the people around us.

Our words are more than bubbles that float away.

As a mother and someone who runs their own business I am busy. However, being busy is something a lot of us face in various ways - and how we approach our busyness and our stresses can really come down to how we think, talk and act about them.

For example I often say things like 'I am just going to RUN and have a shower', 'let me just RACE upstairs', 'I am SO busy', I have NO time' .... you get the gist of it.

By telling myself I am going to RUN or RACE (and trust me, I am not a runner at all) I am adding to my feelings of being busy or stressed. How would I feel if I just took those words out??

When we tell ourselves we have no time we are really saying we can't make time for something - and it comes down to us whether what we are missing out on is important or if it is actually something we can happily forego.

Another word I really don't like is FAIL - such a nasty little F word if you ask me (along with the word FAT). And whilst if we are sitting an exam and we don't pass in technical terms I guess we did fail it (still hate the word) what does it actually do to make us feel better about ourselves.

I especially dislike this word when it comes to someone working on their health. Our journey to health and happiness is just that - sometimes we power down the right track for what is going to work for us, sometimes we side-step for a while, or we may even stop for a Tim Tam along the way - does that mean you failed?

Nope, not in my eyes, it means you're human and it means we are all working towards being the BEST version of ourselves.

So next time you say something either to yourself or out loud have a quick think about how it's making you feel. If its adding to your negative feelings or emotions then maybe try using a different word and remember to be a little kinder to yourself.

Now to go and make time to meditate ...

#stress #anxiety


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