Vegetarian Protein Sources

When I work with my clients on diet and lifestyle one of the areas that often comes up is the confusion around good sources of protein that don't involve meat. This is especially relevant when it comes to breakfast options - so many people start their day with very little protein which can ultimately lead to feeling hungry and tired early in the day.

I'm not a vegetarian but I don't feel good when I have lots of meat. This coupled with the pressures that farming animals has on the environment and a lot of the questionable farming practices out there to meet the demand of big businesses (I'm not referring to sustainable farming methods here) I think its really important for us to look at vegan and vegetarian protein sources.

Good sources of protein can be found in many foods including*:

  • Legumes - such as lentils, soy products, kidney beans, lima beans, chick peas, mung beans, adzuki beans, broad beans, golden peas, etc

  • Nuts - such as almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans, hazel nuts, pistachios, macadamias, etc

  • Seeds - such as sunflower, sesame, pumpkin/pepita, flaxseed, linseeds, chia seeds

  • Protein powders - look for good quality powders if you're going to use them - there are some nasty ones out there filled with a lot of crap. I really love the range from Nuzest - they taste good and are not filled up with cheap ingredients just to fill space

Grains also have protein but this is often quite low - I do like quinoa for an option here. If you're open to some animal products that don't involve meat then eggs and dairy products are also other sources of protein.

So now you know some food sources of protein how can you easily pump up the protein content at certain meal times?? Here are a few ideas:

  • Sprinkle chia seeds until the cows come home - think over porridge or a salad - I love these little guys!

  • Speaking of sprinkling things, make up your own nut and seed mix to be sprinkled over salads or roast vegetables

  • Add some legumes, such as chick peas to your salads

  • Nut butters are an easy way to get a hit of protein and some good fats - they taste good spread on some apple, on a little medjool date, in your smoothie or some good quality bread

  • LSA - a ground mix of linseeds, sesame seeds and almonds - this works well also in smoothies, sprinkled on top of banana on toast, over your cereal or in your morning porridge

  • Make yourself up some chia puddings or overnight oats - and easy way to have a good base to add things to

  • Make up some protein/bliss balls to have on hand for an easy snack

  • Boil some eggs and have on hand

  • Cook a banana bread to have on hand that's base is almond meal - I love a recipe from Lola Berry that is dairy, gluten and refined sugar free and have used it soooooo many times!

This is by no means a complete list ... just a little to get you inspired and to show you as well that good eating can be really simple with just a tiny bit of planning.

Happy eating!

* information from Uberhealth

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