New year, new "you"??

Happy New Year!!!

The one thing that this time of the year always guarantees is an influx of motivational quotes, diet or detox ideas and perhaps some post-Christmas food comas!

Kinda crazy really!

Now please don't get me wrong, the idea we have a certain time of the year that helps us refocus on what is good for us isn't a bad thing at all, I just find it hard when it feels like it is "all or nothing" when it comes to being a better version of ourselves.

Why can't we have some intentions that we slowly put into practice instead of feeling like if we don't jump "all in" right away that we are automatic failures, the year is clearly over (we had that tim tam that we promised ourselves was NOT going to happen until at least Day 22) so lets just stop now and start again on the 1st of January 2019.

Here's an idea - carve out some time this week (if you're like me and haven't had time in the busy silly season to do so already). Think about what it is you would like to fine tune or remodel for yourself. Is it eating better? Spending more time with friends? Meditating every day? Being kinder to yourself?

If you're finding it hard to figure out exact intentions a vision board can help - grab some magazines or hop on to Pintrest and look for images that align to how you want to feel, think, be or act. Looking at the vision board daily can be a great way to help motivate yourself to make the small changes you want.

I also love the idea of having some words that can help focus you in on what you want - for example calm, adventure or healthy. The words I have chosen for myself are MOVE, MEDITATE, MINDFULNESS & MOMENTS.

And if there is a lot you do want to work on then give yourself a fair timeline - be kind to yourself, try not to want to do everything at once, and when you need help achieving something then get the right people on your team.

Here's to a wonderful, healthy and happy year!!

Rachel xx.



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