Do you mindfully poo??

Nothing like a catchy title to get your attention!!

I work on Gut Health every day in my clinic - finding out what is going on with your digestive system is a key sign as to what might be going on for you and where there may be some imbalance.

All disease begins in the Gut - Hippocrates.

Often in my clinic when I ask my poo questions - "How often do you do a poo?", "What does it look like?", "What colour is it?", "Does it sink or float?" ... you get the picture ... people are quite horrified. What kind of weirdo asks these sorts of questions??

Well, me, I'm that kind of weirdo ... and I could guarantee ANY naturopath you saw would be keen to know what is going on with your poo.

One of the common answers is "I don't know" when I ask how often they poo (let alone any description questions!!) - and a lot of that comes down to the fact that we just don't give ourselves TIME to poo.

Before you think this sounds weird, hear me out.

In the corporate world we do our best not to do a "number 2" at work where god forbid someone we know may put two and two together and realise that you actually did one! Or what if a sneaky fart got out and we were trying so hard to poo like a lady??

So we hold it in.

Some times we hold it in so well when we get home we just don't need to go anymore, and then wonder why our tummy is feeling bloated and off in general.

If you're a mother then actually having a moment for yourself to do a poo can be quite difficult ... I get it (as do my neighbours when I have expressed my frustration "Just let Mummy do a ..... ". ) And whilst it is a little funny as a write this I kid you not as a mother having a moment to do a poo can be an olympic sport - you need to get in, poop as fast as you can before the children start fighting/getting into things they shouldn't/or just come and nag you for something now that you can't move.

What all this means is we have a really bad relationship with going to the toilet.

Which is why I tell my clients they need to Mindfully Poo ... give yourself time (remember the old days when Dad's had the crosswords near the toilet - as gross as that sounds they were in no rush!) and use your trips to the loo as a little scorecard as to how your gut really is functioning.

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If you want to check in and see how you may be going then I have developed a little quiz for you to do - it won't take a minute! (You can even do it on the toilet 😉).



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