Food as medicine is always the first port of call, therefore having food high in the right nutrients will help us boost and support our mood. We all like to indulge in comfort food - and when the foods are supporting us as well us comforting us then we are getting twice the benefit!


Nutrients that are especially important for our mood that I have included in these recipes are Magnesium, vitamin B6, iron, zinc and let's not forget our gut with good fibre foods!


The 15 recipes I have selected feature high levels of these nutrients and include Avocado Brownies, Kale & White Bean Caeser Salad, Cream of Celery & Asparagus Soup, Chickpea Flatbread Pizza, Gingerbread Smoothie and Golden Beet Hummus.


I hope you enjoy!


Recipes to Nourish Your Mood


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