An e-course designed to nourish your digestive system and bring back balance

Gut health is something we hear about a lot and is something that us naturopaths have been talking about for ever! As Hippocrates said back in the day all disease begins with the Gut!


“Nourish My Guts” is a 5 week program that I have personally designed to take you on a journey to better gut health. My aim is to educate you about your digestive system and to support you restoring balance once again!

During this e-course I will be taking you through: 

  • Signs and symptoms that something is out of balance (hint: more than just your poo!)

  • How to determine what could be causing an imbalance

  • Foods to enjoy that support good digestive health

  • Foods to avoid that can send things off balance

  • Meal plans (with shopping lists and recipes) to help support digestive health 

  • Functional testing that could be used when trying to determine the cause

  • Elimination diets – what they are and how to use them

  • The role of lifestyle factors in gut health

  • How to support your microbiome

  • The connection to gut health beyond digestive symptoms – in particular the Gut-Brain axis and the Gut-Skin axis

  • Yoga flows to support digestive health

  • Nutrients and herbal medicine that could be used to support and heal your gut

Timings and delivery


‘Nourish My Guts’ runs for 5 weeks and you will get an email from me each week taking you through the next module. 


Each module will be a combination of written education, videos or audio, downloads (recipes, meal plans, etc) and key actions for you to take to restore gut health.


 As this is a stand alone e-course you can do it at your own pace but to get the best benefit for your health sticking to it each week is ideal.


Module overview

Over the 5 weeks we will be changing diet habits with suggested meal plans, including yoga specific for digestive issues and learning all about the different aspects of digestion, what can go wrong and what testing is available

Week 1 

  • Signs your gut may need some lovin'

  • All about poo!

  • Why do things get out of balance?

  • Food as medicine - back to basics

  • Tracking your food & lifestyle

Week 2 

  • Reviewing your food and lifestyle diary

  • Elimination Diets

  • Food intolerance & blood tests

  • Hair analysis & bio-compatibility testing

  • All about gluten

  • What to eat

Week 3


  • Leaky Gut

  • Yoga tutorials specific for digestion

Week 4

  • All about your bugs! (microbiome)

  • Give them a helping hand - Pre & Probiotics

  • Poo testing

  • Myth busting

Week 5 

  • Lets Check in 

  • Gut-Brain Axis

  • Gut-Skin Axis

  • Gut- Immune Axis

  • Gut and psychology system (GAPS)

  • Yoga for digestion 2

  • Nutrients & herbs for gut healing


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